Silverback Worlds Greatest Grease - FOOD GRADE Bearing Grease

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Silverback Grease

Preventative maintenance is the key to a smooth running season!  What you use supports your efforts.

  • EXTREME PRESSURE - 620kgs pressure under 4-ball weld test

  • HIGH TEMPERATURE - with a dropping point of 340 degrees Celsius this grease has unmatched thermal stability.

  • ANTI-WEAR PERFORMANCE - proven to reduce equipment wear & tear to extend lifespan.

  • ANTI-CORROSION PERFORMANCE - received highest possible score ‘1a’ on the copper strip corrosion test.

  • PERFORMANCE IN MOIST CONDITIONS - Calcium sulfornate complex thickener provides excellent water resistance with natural tackiness.

  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - Does not use heavy metals such as lithium, barium, or zinc, and is more environmentally friendly.

Suitable for use in Food & Beverage processing plants, bakeries, dairies, pharmaceutical plants, and more!

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