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Series 3000 Food Analyser

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3000 Food Analyser suitable for measuring Protein, Fat, Water, Sugar, Alcohol in foods.


The Series 3000 Food Analyser is a NIR spectrometer designed to measure protein,fat,water,sugar,alcohol and other compounds in foods.The Key to the Series 3000 Food Analyser is the sample draw that provide a means of analysing a wide range of,granules,powders,liquids,slurries,films and solids. Features Benefits Broad Spectral Range 720-1100nm Multiple constituent analysis
Optimum calibration development
PLS calibrations
1st and 2nd derivative spectral data
Qualitative and quantitative analysis No Moving Parts Unaffected by vibration
Independent of orientation
Rugged, stable and compact Internal Computer,Keyboard, LCD Stores calibrations and predicts constituents onto LCD.
Save results using alpha/numeric characters 3 Sample Cells Injectible cell for liquids
Granular cell for powders, granules and pellets.
Squeeze cell for slurry, suspension,turbid liquid, emulsion and semi-solid. RS232 Serial Port Provides convenient method of uploading store data
to a PC or downloading calibrations to the instrument Shutter Optics(Optional) Corrects for variations in ambient light
Corrects for 50/60Hz interference from florescence lighting Small Footprint: 400mm x 300mm Less laboratory bench space required