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Olive pitting & Stuffing machine for low density fillings

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Olive pitting & Stuffing machine for low density fillings

Automatic machine to pit and stuff olives with natural products such as pepper, tomato,
anchovies or other low-half density pastes, with a “lid” placement system to prevent the
stuffing spilling out.

Technical Specifications :
- A 24 axle rotary of individual action.
- Traction Points in with double bearing stainless steel
- Stainless steel materials and alimentary plastic
- Automatic lubrication pump
- Check machine speed regulated through variable-frequency drive
- Electronic control product loading in the hopper.
- Ready to electronically synchronize with the hopper and feed conveyor
- Electronic charge control Automatic of product in alimentary chute.
- Ready to synchronize electronically at alimentary chute
- Automatic stop of lack of product. Breakdowns or securities opening of the machine.
- Machine status reported on front panel display.
- Times: oil, product load, stop or lack of product, adjustable by front panel of automaton.
- Information of hours since tuning
- Quantity paste control, to inject, regulated across a Variable Frequency Drive
- Power consumption: 1,1 kw.
- Width: 1750mm
- Length: 2450 mm
- High: 1550 mm
- Weight: 580 kg.
- Production of up 2000 olives per minute