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KOHEM Rotary Automatic Bottling Machine

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Automatic THREE-BLOCK model “ RL 6 / 6 / 1 AV “
Suitable to clean the inside of the bottles with filtered air blow by rotary air-cleaner composed of 6 arms, to fill OLIVE OIL into GLASS BOTTLES by gravity filler ( with high vacuum filing system ) composed of 6 filling valves, and to close the same bottle with ALUMINIUM CAPS by a 1 head capper. Complete of one set of stars and feed-screw, automatic caps feeding system , electric box in S / S AISI 304 ( with electric power 3 phases ; 230 / 400 Volts ; 50 Hz 
and low voltage on control panel board 24v ) and all necessary parts, projected and built in accordance with the latest EEC regulation.
SIEM rotary bottling machine comp.jpg



  • The body of the machine is completely made in stainless steel AISI 304 and is mounted on adjustable height feet in order to get an easy assembling to the rest of the bottling plant.. 
  • Safety guarding with front and back doors, built in accordance to EEC laws. In case of doors opening the machine stops. 
  • Machine frame covering in S / S AISI 304 with N° 2 drip collector with slope in order to avoid any water remaining and paddle on the machine basement. 
  • Grippers on rinsing built in stainless steel AISI 304, with new execution. 
  • NO BOTTLE – NO SPRAY device on rinsing machine. 
  • Quick change grippers pads 
  • Pre-filter and Filter with final filtration of 0,2 µ for cleaning air 
  • Technical data of rinser: 2 sec. AIR INJECTION 
  • Plates support bottles and hood of pistons built in stainless steel AISI 304. 
  • Filling nozzles, central tank and all parts in contact with the product built in stainless steel AISI 304 or foodstuff material. Filing nozzle Ø 15 mm ( in accordance with samples ) 
  • High vacuum filling system 
  • Product pump for tank loading and recirculation 
  • Piston lifting bottles with mechanical movement by cam and spring. 
  • 1 Head capper composed by : 
    • Automatic caps for aluminium caps fitted on the top of the capping turret 
    • Caps chute in S / S AISI 304 with photocells 
    • S / S AISI 304 head and “ NO CAPS – NO ROLL” system 
  • Electric regulation of the height rinser, filler and for capper 
  • Electrical regulation of the speed by inverter. 
  • Electrical micro switch stop the machine in case of problems on the star so as not break any bottles. 
  • Electrical photocell is posed in machine enter; in case of no arrival of bottles the machine doesn’t run. 
  • Electrical photocell is posed on the exit: in case of problem on the bottling plant the machine stops. 
  • Electrical photocell stop the machine in case the caps feeder is completely empty as to avoid any bottles pass through the machine without to be closed. Automatically the machine start again working as the caps feeder is again full of caps. 
  • Control panel with auxiliaries service at 24 volts and machine managed by Touch Screen 
  • Bottles diameter: Ø min. 50 / Ø max. 110 ; Tolerance on bottles Ø ± 1 mm 
  • Bottles height: H. min. 150 / H. max 350 - Tolerance on bottles height: ± 2 mm 
  • Machine already equipped with one bottle and one cap size changeover

SIEM bott machine 2 comp.jpg

  • Conveyor Best complete with chain and all accessories 2m Before Three-Block
  • Conveyor Best complete with chain and all accessories 1m Out of Multi Block
  • Conveyor Best complete with chain and motorisation 1m Cross Over section
  • Conveyor Best complete with chain and all accessories 1m at Labeller inlet

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