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Insect Hotel to encourage beneficial insects by Ryset

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Olive trees rely on a selection of beneficial insects to keep pest insects under control, lace-wings, lady birds and certain wasps. Releasing or maintaining populations of beneficial insects can sometimes be difficult.
Provide a secure and attractive nesting site for predatory insects or pollinators.
Unique dual chamber insect hotel with upper bamboo tubes (various diameters)
and lower enclosed chamber with small diameter entrances,
protected from the weather by a gabled roof and with hanging bracket for stability
made from natural untreated pine and bamboo
Predatory wasps will stuff the tubes full of greenfly larva, aphids and caterpillers to feed their emerging young. Ladybirds and lacewings, the ravenous predators of aphids, will shelter in the lower chamber during cooler weather. Each  will contribute to a healthier and more dynamic ecosystem in your garden or grove.