REVITALIZEmicrobial soil activator of enzymes and bacteria

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Revitalize is a microbial soil activator of enzymes and bacteria which feed natural soil bio-flora. Revitalize triggers a chain reaction of live soil microbial growth that will leave behind nutrients and substrates creating humus and humic acids which chelate, sequester and store nutrients in the soil system in forms the plant can use. Other features of Revitalize include: Accelerated digestion of organic matter; Synthesis of Vitamin B12; Mineralisation of Phosphorus; Potassium & trace elements; Generating CO2 which opens the soil; Stimulating root growth; Replaces toxic levels of elements on soil colloids with a balance of required nutrients; Recycling of crop residue; Re-establish beneficial soil micro-flora; Reduce tillage needs; Promotes general soil health. Revitalize is a BFA registered input.

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