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Pellenc Olive Harvesting Buggy 1200

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Buggy 1200

wm002.JPGClick here for a video of the Buggy 1200 in action (Windows Media format)

In the late 1980s PELLENC offered its European customers a relatively broad range, from the simple trunk vibrator to automatic trailers. At the start of the 1990s the group's strategy turned towards the creation of a range of exclusive machines designed for olive harvesting, with a clear orientation towards Spanish olive plantations. Technically, this range was inspired by the technology developed during the 1980s, but perfectly adapted to the requirements of this new market.

PELLENC s.a. developed its first trunk vibrators in 1985. The first machines were intended mainly for the fruit tree market (particularly cherry trees).

Key dates of this launch:

  • 1991 : The first two PELLENC self-driven vibrators, the famous "BUGGIES", launched on the Spanish market.
  • 1993 : Official presentation of the SPECIAL SPANISH OLIVE-GROWING RANGE (4 machines) at the EXPOLIVA international trade fair in Jaén.
From then on, PELLENC vibrators began to be marketed in Andalusia with the opening of a specialist workshop in Jaén at the end of 1993, and then the setup of the headquarters of PELLENC IBERICA (Pellenc s.a. subsidiary) in Jaén in 1994. The range was developed during the 1990s to adapt it to the maximum number of olive plantations. Since the setup of the subsidiary in Jaén, the PELLENC IBERICA technical team have had a strong influence on product development, working in close cooperation with the teams at French headquarters.

The PELLENC range is oriented towards Spanish olive-growing. The products marketed are intended for medium and large farms, as well as for service companies. These products are trunk vibrators adapted to the different varieties grown in Spain and Portugal. The range covers most of the types of plantation found in the peninsula.
The main criteria are:

  •   Total surface area cultivated
  •   Size of plots and Age of trees
  •   Varieties of olive trees and Type of soil
  •   Topography of groves and Distance between trees
  •   Number of trees per grove and Type of tractor used
  •   Labor available during harvest and Duration of harvest
  •   Technological environment of plantation

Based on information provided by customers, or more usually following a visit to the plantation, PELLENC's technical and commercial team prepares a simulation to define the most suitable type of machine for each grove and the resulting profitability.
This strategy, together with our range which is the most complete on the market, has given PELLENC a leading position on the Spanish market (approximately 300 units sold every year).
The range is developed under the guidance of our customer service department, which supplies us with daily feedback from the field. This information is used by the French and Spanish research departments in their work.