Mechanical Pruning with the Pellenc Green Trimmer - Half Row

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Pellenc Green Trimmer - Half Row Model

This video shows the trimmer working in a vineyard.  This is a double row model.  For olives the half-row model is recommended.  There are many options available to suit different applications...

The Pellenc Green Trimmer has been specifically designed for summer hedging and employs the reciprocating cutter bar action.  The precision ground blades ensure the cutting of even the finest tips at fast ground speeds. The vertical cutter bars can be fitted with optional cane lifters for low lying vegetation. The cane lifters are invaluable for trellis systems such as Scott Henry.   The machine is easily front mounted to standard tractors and offers the operator excellent visibility and fast ground speed under all conditions.  

All adjustments are easily effected without tools.  Safety devices are employed in all areas where accidental collision can occur.  The cutter bars are quite and smooth in operation and do not vibrate the vines or disturb fruit late in the season.  Low maintenance costs and high quality components ensure optimum reliability.    The half row model can easily be converted to a full row machine if required. 

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standard equipment and controls...
  • 1 vertical cutter bar at 1.8 metres 
  • Hydraulic height adjustment  500 mm 
  • Hydraulic side shift 750mm  ( including manual width adjustment ) 
  • Quick conversion couplings to convert to full row machine. 
  • Controls include: 
  • Blades on/off 
  • Height control 
  • Side shift control. 

A front quick release tractor mounting and adjustable stay bar kit are provided. 
The machine can easily be fitted and removed from a standard tractor. 
All cutter bars incorporate safety swing back mechanisms and quick tilt adjustment. 
Recommended minimum flow rate from tractor 28 litres per minute.