PRIMA Can Filling Machine 2L - 8L


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This machine fills edible or mineral oil, vinegar or other non-carbonated liquids. Filling quantity is determined by capacity regulation. It can fill various containers such as tins, plastic cans  or other containers made out of glass from 2 to 8 l.  It is possible to set different filling programs for various formats. Choice of program required takes place by simple selection of cursor.

Production capacity is highly affected by operator, type of product to process and sizes of container; with oil you reach about 250 pcs./h with 2 l cans.

  • Power supply: 220V, single-phase
  • Power consumption: 0.2 kW
  • Compressed air consumption at 6 bar: 50 l/min
  • Dimensions:
    • Width 500 mm
    • Depth 700 mm
    • Height:1800 mm
  • Weight: kg 70
  • Made to CE standard.