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Olive sorting machine

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Olive Sorting Machine

Selection of olives pccur by quality, based on colour, intensity, shape, defects & fruit size.

Main Features: 

  • Built in stainless steel & polymeric materials adequate for working with food.
  • Transport over roller belt
  • Feed by a belt loading system
  • Vision with a high-resolution digital camera.
  • Long life LED Strobe lights
  • Electronics in a sealed air-conditioned box.
  • Controlled by a sole PC working with windows.
  • Pneumatic expulsion system with three exits
  • Adequate for all kinds of olives with sizes depending on model
  • Possibility of remote connection with the communications option
  • Simple and versatile handling through a touch screen.

Technical Features:
  • Operating voltage 230 Vac +/-10% PH, 50/60Hz
  • Power 3kW
  • Air supply 750L/min for a 60% load & 30% of expulsion.
  • Pneumatic pressure connection" 8Kg/cm2
  • Pneumatic pressure required for use: 7Kg/cm2
  • Weight: 650Kg
  • Operating temperature / storage: 10 - 45 degrees celsius / 5 - 50 degrees celsius
  • Relative humidity for operation / storage 80% non-condensing
  • Pneumatic pressure connection: 8 bar
  • Pneumatic pressure required for us: 6 bar
  • Production: 2T/Hr for average size fruit of 240-260/Kg (sizes accepted 450 - 160)

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