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Olive Oil Acidity Testing Kit

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil must have an acidity of less than 0.8%.
This kit is specifically calibrated in Italy for the acidity testing of olive oil and will give you a fast result. Comes complete with instructions and storage case.
Note: This kit does not test PH.

Extra Virgin Olive the finest quality olive oil you can buy.
The oil must be extracted only by mechanical or other physical means, have excellent aroma and taste,
which are determined by an organoleptic score of at least 6.5, and have a free fatty acid level
(expressed as oleic acid) of not more than 0.8%.

Virgin Olive Oil... a slightly lower classification than
Extra Virgin, the acidity can be no more than 2%. Lampante Oil... as the name implies this low grade oil is really only
suitable for burning in lamps with an acidity over 3.3%. It must be refined
further for human consumption.

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