Olive Pruning Lisam Secateurs- Double Blade

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Olive Pruning Secateurs - Double Blade

A plant's response to a cut or wound is not unlike that of a human.  The plant bleeds a sap or resin from the wound which dries to form a protective shield.  the healing process continues long after the cut has been sealed and consumes considerable amounts of energy.  Naturally, whilst energy is being diverted to heal wounds, it is no longer available to the plant to fuel normal growth. 

The importance of a good clean pruning cuts can, therefore, never be over-stressed. 

Not only does a clean cut heal quickly, during the time the wound is open, but the plant is exposed to less risk of damage from disease, fungus and weather.

These Italian Secateurs have two sharp blades which are designed to cut the branch without crushing the bark of the wood of the tree.  This helps to ensure rapid healing of the wound.  They are designed to be easy handling so that the operator can cut in the quickest time.

The blades are designed to cut the branch so that the wound is not subjected to moisture gathering and minimising risk of associated disease.

These Lisam secateurs are industry standard and a must for all Olive Growers and Orchardists.

TIP:  We recommend to keep the blades oiled after each use and use tea tree oil to clean the sap from the blade.  Will make them look like new!