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Book: Olive Oil & Health by Publio Viola

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Olive Oil & Health
by Publio Viola

Scientific research is advancing continuously, which makes it necessary to reexamine the medical and nutritional worth of olive oil in the light of the latest knowledge.  It has in fact been observed that edible fats and oils can cause peroxidative processes which may be detrimental to health.  Consequently, they need to be protected by antioxidants.  In this respect olive oil is privileged because its fatty acid composition and distinctive antioxidant content render it particularly resistant to oxidative deterioration, and this biological balance lends it a top ranking amongst edible fats and oils.

This book steps you through a detailed analysis of all the aspects of the relationships between fats, oils, health and provides further confirmation that olive oil is a precious source of wellbeing for mankind.

Produced by IOOC, Softcover, 64 pages.