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Olive Analyser Multiscan Series 3000X

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Australian Designed and Manufactured Series 3000X (previously known as S1000)
Suitable for Olive & Oil samples.
Why Analyse?
  • Test your fruit's oil and moisture content to help determine the best time to harvest. 
  • Test the oil and moisture content of your waste pomace to help assess the efficiency of your machinery and oil production process. 
  • Assess the FFA and PV of your olive oil to provide an indication of quality.
The Series 3000X Analyser is a Near Infrared Transmission analyser designed for specific end-user applications, i.e. Moisture and Fat in foods, oil seeds or dairy products. The Series 3000X Analyser scans from 720 to 1100nm using a diode array spectrometer but with different sampling systems to suit different applications.
• The 3000X Moisture Analyser uses a 5mm thick powder cell for measuring moisture inhomogeneous samples such as ground grains, flour, chemicals, powders
• The 3000X Fat and Moisture Analyser uses the 10mm thick squeeze cell or 10mm liquid sample to measures components in cheese, milk, cream, yogurt, etc.
The Series 3000x Analyser incorporates a touch screen tablet PC. It is simple to operate and includes an Auto-calibration function. NTAS software is available for calibration development.
3000 Multiscan spec

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