Oliomio SINTESI Series olive oil machine

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Produce the best olive oil you can with an Oliomio Sintesi vacuum olive oil extraction machine.

The Sintesi's low-oxidation, vertical malaxing tanks minimise the paste's exposure to environmental factors which lower quality by causing oxidative stress, maintaining the quality of your oil as much as possible.
The Oliomio SINTESI series are fully self contained.  The inclusion of a knife crusher, low oxidation malaxer and 2 phase decanter to takes processing to another level in ensuring quality is paramount.

The crusher is fitted with knives and has a screen of 150mm diameter.  The outside of the screen is mounted with a cleaning scraper and the inverter controls the speed at which you can control paste fineness during processing.

The paste falls to a low oxidation malaxer which excludes as much air as possible which in turn reduces oxidation levels.  A heating jacket is fitted to the malaxing tank and is operated by an electronic controller.  The T Controller allows you to print temperatures and output of the machine.

The Sintesi is designed to allow easy daily cleaning which is important when you want to obtain the best possible product.

Sintesi 80
Oliomio Sintesi 80.PNG
Sintesi 150
Oliomio 150 sintesi 1.PNG
Sintesi 200
Oliomio 200 Sintesi.PNG

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