Oliomio Profy 150 & 200 | Self-contained Olive Oil Processing Machine

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OLIOMIO PROFY olive oil plant is self-contained machine consisting of;

  • FR_250 hammer crusher
  • 2GL_100 crushing unit
  • DMT_2 decanter equipped
  • A waste discharge pump.
The crusher discharges the paste directly into malaxer no. 1 which, once filled, automatically transfers it to malaxer no. 2.  Then the pump of malaxer no. 2 transfers the paste to the decanter.

It is very important, for the final quality of the extracted oil, that the difference in paste temperature between inlet and outlet of the crusher does not exceed 1-2 degrees. The malaxing process takes place in a closed malaxer to avoid excessive oxidation of the paste.

The horizontal decanter separates the liquid from the solid has been developed to obtain the highest quality; the 2.0 auger has been designed to obtain a cleaner product, as there is no increase in temperature during extraction. It is recommended to combine the Oliomio Profy with the DLE Mini deleafer washing system and the Oil Collector 

The mini DLE is optional for this machine whether you are looking for the 150 or 200 model.
The whole frame is made of AISI 304 STAINLESS STEEL and food-grade material.
This video above shows a machine which is similar in operation to the Oliomio Profy Series.

Oliomio 120 200 Profy decanter.PNG Oliomio 120 200 Profy malaxer.PNG
Standard voltage: 9kW 3ph 380V 50Hz. (5-pole socket (3 phases + neutral + ground) 32A)

Optionals: - crusher inverter - temperature controller
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