Oli Olives' Oily Adventure

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Share the story and facts about Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil!

There is a growing perception that people of all ages should know where their food comes from and how healthy it is. This is the first book in Australia to educate our younger consumers about olive oil.

This book uses the Oli's character to show children the ins and outs of olive oil in a fun, friendly adventure from grove to pantry.

Minimum order: 10 books

Oli Olive's Oily Adventure was created by EVOOMAGS a group of women keen to share the story and facts about Australia's quality extra virgin olive oil with school children everywhere.

Melissa Farley - Illustrator
Amanda Bailey (The Olive Centre) - Owner and Main Author
Gerri Nelligan (Journalist-Wordsync) - Editor
Sandra Noke - Design and Production