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Natanoko 2000 Pruning Saw by Silky Saws

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Natanako 2000 Hand Saw

A hand saw with a uniquely shaped curved blade for cutting branches. The curved shape of the blade enables you to cut high-up branches smoothly.

The Silky Natanoko 2000 pruning saw is a remarkable tool designed for precision in forestry and arborist pruning. It features a unique 330mm blade with a gentle curve, showcasing non-set extra large 6.5 teeth per 30mm. The non-slip rubber handle ensures a secure grip, and it comes with a convenient plastic sheath for safe storage. This Japanese-made pruning saw is renowned for its efficiency in pull-stroke cutting. Its impulse hardened teeth, though not resharpenable, provide long-lasting sharpness and reliability. Elevate your pruning experience with the Silky Natanoko 2000, a professional-grade tool for the most demanding pruning tasks.