Maxicoup R4005 Handpiece only

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Maxicoup R4005 Handpiece only
The MAXICOUP R4005 lopper - special large cuts
The MAXICOUP R4005 lopper is the ideal tool for cutting vines and trees before top grafting operations. Product record
Viticulture Cutting back and cleaning vines
Forestry, lopping Maintenance, forestry work
Parkland Maintenance, diverse pruning operations

The Maxicoup in viticulture
The R4005 complements the F3005 pruning shear (it can be connected to the same battery) for large cutting operations. (All lopping and cleaning works). Thanks to its high cutting capacity, the R4005 can be used for cuts of up to 60 mm.

Vine lopping (800 Kb)

The Maxicoup in Orchards and Tree lopping The R4005 is the best tool for large cuts. Thanks to its wide opening ( 100 mm ), it is capable of cutting branches of 60 mm diameter. Its smooth and clean cuts are less vulnerable to disease than pruning wounds caused by chainsaws