Martignani Electrostatic Spray System TURBO 2

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The "Turbo 2" PTO Trailer Sprayer
-  Recommended for citrus or fruit trees or vineyards with thick canopy.

From Martignani's Whirlwind B 612 range.

A Sprayer from the Martignani Whirlwind range assures high speed operation, very fine and constant mist, uniform coverage and distribution of chemicals, exceptional working range and penetration and provide large savings.
Using the KWH electrostatic spray system, this machine could save you over 90% in water, over 30% in chemicals, over 60% in time & labour, over 40% in fuel.

Please click the link below to download information on the benefits of the KWH system compared to the traditional speed sprayer:

Available in  1000L & 1500L capacity.

Features of the Martignani "Turbo 2"  Sprayer:
  • High Delivery (250 l/m flow rate) Stainless Steel centrifugal pump with special mechanical seals for perfect agitation of the concentrated mixture and nozzles feeding.
  • Exclusive design High efficiency double intake centrifugal fan (Standard version) with SINGLE outlet
  • "Turbo 2" device(tower) with extension of 125cm. 90 degree bend both galvanised for perfect cross spray on orchards or citrus trees as well as thick canopy vineyards thus getting perfect coverage and penetration.
  • Driveline with inner transmission shaft and heavy duty “Bondioli” gear box
  • Wrap around-round shaped rear protection guards.
  • Electric switch box with pressure gauge and 4 shut-off valves (top-bottom-right-left independantly)
  • Adjustable “eye type” tow bar
  • Adjustable axles +  15” tyre wheels
  • 2 high precision metering valves for easy, dependable output adjustment (both featuring a SS graduated scale from 0 up to 3200 litres/hour each at constant pressure of 22 psi)
  • 2 adjustable spray outlets of 90°angle with 6 nozzles each.
  • Tank made in thick PVC (rotational Poly) with 151 hand wash tank + 100 1 for circuit rinsing.
  • Stainless Steel premixing basket (for powder chemicals premixing)
  • Heavy duty - Hot Galvanized frame with large footstep on both sides including hot galvanised steel bumper.
  • Wide angle PTO Shaft A6x110 cm adjustable "eye type" tow bar..
  • Adjustable axles + 10.0/75R15 tyre wheels (1000L) or 11.5/80R15 (1500L) cm.
  • Rear protection guards.

Tractor required: from 75 HP and up
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