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Lisam Pneumatic Chainsaw

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The Lisam Pneumatic Chainsaw is ideal for larger pruning jobs and is quick and efficient to use. 

Lisam Pneumatic Saw for Efficient Pruning of Branches up to 20 cm in Diameter and is tailor-made for productive, secure, and effective pruning tasks. Our saw models come equipped with a choice of chain bars, available in both standard and tapered shapes.

Experience Safe and Effortless Pruning: Introducing Lisam's range of pneumatic saws, designed for effortless cutting of branches up to 20 cm in diameter. These saws are meticulously crafted to adhere to EC regulations, with an integrated chain brake system that instantaneously halts the saw if the bar accidentally jerks back toward the operator.

All our models feature a built-in automatic lubrication system, streamlining maintenance while ensuring uninterrupted operation for peak efficiency and productivity. You can opt for models with 8 or 10-inch chain bars, along with a choice of standard or tapered bar designs.

Advanced Security with Chain Brake Mechanism:   The Lisam pneumatic saw boasts a crucial safety feature in the form of a chain brake. This mechanism activates in the event of kickback during cutting, effectively stopping the chain. Of course, proper protective equipment must be worn during cutting, and the saw should always be gripped with both hands. Testing the chain brake's functionality is straightforward: it disengages when the handguard is pulled back and engages when the handguard is pushed forward and locked into position.

Weight:  2kgs
Air requirement:  400 - 430L/min at 8/10 bar