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Ibuki saw from SILKY

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The IbukiHand Saw 
390mm blade
6.5 teeth per 30mm

-Taper ground blade(thicker at the tooth edge, thinner at the back of the blade reducing resistance for a smoother, easier, faster cutting performance)
- Features a 4 tooth configuration for very quick cutting.
- The teeth of the blades are heated and hardened by a special high frequency heating technique, whilst the unheated remainder of the blade still retains its normal flexibility, yet stay sharp about three times longer than non-hardened teeth.

The Rubber handle is comfortable to hold, reduces vibration and offer superior grip when hands are wet or cold when wearing gloves.

The blade can be fitted to the Hayauchi pole saw.

All Silky blades are sharpenable, replacement blades available upon request. Silky saws cut as you pull the blade toward you. They do not cut on the forward or push stroke and need little pressure to cut efficiently. The kerth of the blade is such that it bites into the wood as it is pulled across without extra pressure from the operator.