Frantoino Profy

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The Frantoino PROFY extraction machine is suitable for a small producer with a capacity of around 100 - 120 kg per hour throughput of olives.
The operation is very simple: clean olives are poured into the receiving hopper where a screw driven by a motor that powers the crusher has a fixed grid with channels discharge impeller blades and grooves.

The crushed olive (i.e. paste produced) falls in the section below, where a special form helical agitator prepares the paste.

From there the paste is sent to the decanter where the separation occurs: first comes the oil and the waste residue (made up of waste pomace & water from the olive).

The whole structure is manufactured is in stainless steel AISI 304 and material for food use.

Frantoino Profy
  • Available in Three Phase only, 6kW
  • Capacity:  100 - 120 kgs throughput olives per hour
  • Malaxing Tank:  120kg
  • Manufacturer Warranty.

This is a video of small scale olive oil processing and is for informational purposes only:

Click the below link to see a grower unpack and run their 100Kg/Hr Oliomio.
"Love my new machine so much easier to use and way less messy than the old one".  YB, Western Australia 2014 The Olive Centre 30