Olive Grading Machines

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Manufactured since 1968 for Table Olive Production.

Three types of Grading machine are available:

  1. Powder Coated (GM104 - GM110)
  2. Semi Stainless (Stainless steel used in all areas that are in contact with olives) - (GM204 - GM210)
  3. Full Stainless (GM304 - GM310)


  1. Simple design allows for ease of operation and maintenance.
  2. Speed control available in Full Stainless models (GM304-GM310). Fixed speed on GM104-GM210)
  3. Fan installed to remove leaves, waste & foreign material.

If you would like a grading machine matched for your requirements, please email our office the minimum and the maximum sizes of olives you wish to grade?  Please let us know the sizing of the reject olives you would like to remove from the process?