Gomtaro Silky Saw

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The Gomtaro

A beautifully balanced MIRAI-ME 

Mono-construction with a moulded rubber hand-grip, the GOMTARO is ideal for all pruning tasks.

Available in 4 bade lengths:
210mm, 240mm, 270mm and 300mm

2 levels of Teeth Pitch
Fine tooth (13 teeth / 30mm)
Large Tooth (8 Teeth / 30mm) 
 (Gomtaro fine teeth especially suitable for small branches. )

Silky saws cut as you pull the blade toward you. They do not cut on the forward or push stroke and need little pressure to cut efficiently. The kerth of the blade is such that it bites into the wood as it is pulled across without extra pressure from the operator.

Every part of these range of Silky saws are replacable including sheath, clips, bolts, blades etc.

No setting of the teeth is required.
Silky saws are quality assured.

Delivery charges apply.