GM700 Roller Olive Crushing Machine - Cracking machine

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The Roller Olive Crushing Machine is composed  of 2 machines; 1: Loading Elevator & Crusher (Slicing section) by the help of rollers.  Cutting blades come from the loading elevator, then the olives are slit horizontally.  After this process which helps the olive crushing due to the crushing belts, the crushing process occurs. 

Optionally, the cutting blades that take part in the crushing process can be installed, then olives without pits can be sliced by the machine. 

All of the components are manufactured from AISI304 stainless steel.


WÄ°DTH                      : 850 mm
HEIGHT                     : 1450 mm
LENGTH                    : 3800 mm
MOTOR POWER          :0,75 Kw REDUCER MOTOR +   0,37 Kw REDUCER MOTOR + 1,1 Kw MOTOR