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Fruit Picking Head - Avocado

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Avocado Fruit Picker - Harvesting Tool

Struggling to access high-hanging fruit? Our innovative tool revolutionises fruit harvesting, making it not only easier but also safer and quicker—eliminating the need to climb trees. This fruit picker boasts a robust, coated metal picking basket that securely attaches to any pole, providing an extended reach. It comes with an adjustable clamp, ensuring compatibility with various pole types, including bamboo, dowel, or a common broom handle.

The specially crafted 'fingers' reach between the fruit and branch, facilitating easy twisting to effortlessly separate the fruit from the tree. As the fruit is released, it gently lands in the internal pad, cushioning its descent into the basket. This versatile fruit picker is suitable for a wide range of fruits, including apples, pears, peaches, persimmons, avocados, citrus, custard apples, choko, passionfruit, and similar-sized fruits. The metal picking hooks are designed to avoid cutting the fruit stem, allowing for a gentle twist and pull.

With an overall length from hooks to clamp of 30cm and a basket size of 13cm x 13cm, this fruit picker is your go-to solution for efficient, convenient, and damage-free fruit harvesting. 


  • Does not include pole, wire or ties.
  • Delivery charges apply