Frantoino BIO olive oil processor by Oliomio

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Machines starting from $29,000 + GST

Produce your own olive oil with the Frantoino BIO extraction machine,suitable for boutique olive groves with a maximum capacity of around 40kg olives per hour. 
Crushing, malaxing and separation processes all conducted in the one unit!
Can be operated with single phase power.

Frantoino range of processors are manufactured by the makers of the Oliomio Olive Oil Extraction systems!
This is a video of small scale olive oil processing and is for informational purposes only.

Simply pour clean olives into the receiving hopper where a screw driven by a motor that powers the crusher has a fixed grid with channels discharge impeller blades and grooves.

The crushed olive (i.e. paste produced) falls in the section below, where a special form helical agitator prepares the paste.

From there the paste is sent to the decanter where the separation occurs: first comes the oil and the waste residue (made up of waste pomace & water from the olive).  Deal with  different batches by adjusting the decanter.

The whole structure is manufactured is in stainless steel AISI 304 and material for food use. 
This machine carries out the crushing, malaxing and separation process to make olive oil.  (fruit washing and leaf removal are optional extras.)
The whole frame is made of AISI 304 STAINLESS STEEL and food-grade material.
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Buyers Guide to Oliomio Olive Oil Processing Machines

Oliomio olive oil

If you are looking for an oil extraction machine or olive press, you need to consider an Oliomio!

Oliomio is a well-respected leader in the realm of small to medium scale olive oil production.
Made in Italy, the Genuine Oliomio olive oil processing machine remains on the cutting edge of the latest technology in innovation, quality, service and value for money.

Self-contained and modular machines are available in a range of sizes.
Machine capacities range from 40Kgs per hour, up to 2 Tonne per hour.

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processing process.PNG
Frequently asked Oliomio questions

  • Self contained machines include the crusher, malaxer and decanter all in one unit for compact storage and mobility.
  • Modular machines are made of several units, each for a different process (i.e. crushing, malaxing, separation etc..)
  • Cultivar & TecnoTEM which have an advanced automation process.

Many configurations are available. Speak with one of our expert staff about your requirements

Click here to see our range of Oliomio olive oil machines

About the Oliomio Estate owned by the makers of Oliomio & Frantoino....

This is what started it all... the first Oliomio 50 machine ..... see the operational video.(for informational purposes only)

Fruit Loosening Agent Application Recommendation


Using Fruit Loosening Agents Prior To Harvest

DISCLAIMER:  Please use fruit loosening agents with extreme caution.  The Olive Centre does not make any recommendations as to rates or even the use of this product.  Using fruit loosening agents can result in mass tree defoliation and crop losses.

Here is a recommendation to help guide you through some trial information to help you ascertain the correct application rates for trial.

Application recommendation:

  • Ethephon 48% at 0.05% - 0.07%
  • MPK (Mono potassium phosphate) at 3%
  • Agral 60 - 0.1%

Alternative recommendation:

  • Ethephon 80% at 0.03% - 0.04%

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