Novozym® Pectinex Ultra Olio enzyme for olive oil

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Maximise the yield in your fruit by using Pectinex Ultra Olio enzymes this processing season!

Not all enzymes are created equal...

Olive Oil is said to be 'the fruit juice of the olive' and is able to be consumed directly after processing. 

For decades, industrial pectolyic enzymes, produced by micro-organisms, are used in fruit juice production and was therefore able to apply this concept to olive oil productions. Over 30 years ago the first attempts were made by adding pectolytic enzymes to the malaxing process.

olive cell.JPG Picture above shows olive cell-wall are broken down into smaller particles at the crushing phase.  Oil is held within the cellular structure.  Enzymes like Pectinex Ultra Olio are used to break these cell walls to release the oil.

96 - 98% of the oil is found in the flesh  (mesocarp) and skin (epicarp). The remaining oil is found in the pit (endocarp).  The majority of the oil is located in the vacuoles but the bound oil is not accessible in the extraction process and is therefore lost in the waste. When processing, the oil that has been released has been done by the natural enzymes  contained in the olive fruit.

You are now able to retrieve more of this  'lost oil'. This can be achieved when enzymes are added to the malaxing process  to break down the bound cells to release extra oil that would have normally been  disposed of with the waste.

Pectinex Ultra Olio (formerly NZ33095) is a more concentrated and robust product compared to Pectinex Ultra SPL

"The oils obtained with the use of enzyme treatment show higher levels of phenolics, volatiles, tocopherols, carotenes and chlorophyls and lower levels of oxidised triglycerides and diglycerides, thus becoming less susceptible to oxidation, more stable and aromatic."  Quoted from article about the Impacts of processing operations on oil quality.

Olive Oil Flows from Extraction trials

Earlier trials have concluded that using NZ33095 results according to an RIRDC study show the high main-chain activity showed lower pyropheophytin values.  Whilst higher polyphenols resulted compares to other enzymes.

Other benefits of using enzymes is...

  • Early harvest fruit improves extract-ability.
  • Increased yield due to the release of bound  oil.
  • Improved oil storage stability due to lower pyropheophytin levels and increased polyphenols.
  • Improved flavour, taste etc as the extraction is more complete.
  • Helps to process difficult batches i.e.  with high moisture content.
  • Better filter-ability of the oil as it  contains lesser impurities.
  • Low cost to achieve more oil.
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