Enolmaster Filling machine with 4 Valves

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Enolmaster Filling machine with 4 Valves.

Enolmaster operates using the same principle as the Enolmatic but with four stainless steel heads. Using vacuum operated filling, the product is bottled in a most natural way, allowing it to maintain its original quality and features.

When placing the bottle under the machine, the fluid is sucked by the vacuum created inside it, without any contact between the product and pumps or mechanical components.

Enolmaster fills about 500 bottles an hour, in perfect hygienic conditions and with no product spillage. The filling level is adjustable: once selected, it automatically fills up the bottle to the desired level. In addition, the tank from which the fluid is taken for bottling can be placed up to 4 meters below the unit.

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Features of Enolmaster:
  • Fills up to 500 bottles per hour
  • No-drip system
  • Frame and Filling nozzles in stainless steel material
  • The following kits and accessories are available to enhance the functionality of the bottling machine:
  • Pyrex glass recovery vessel: for products with an alcohol percentage above 20%
  • Pyrex filter holder: for products with an alcohol percentage above 20%
  • stainless steel spouts for miniature bottles
  • spouts for bottles with a big mouth
  • Stainless steel and synthetic fiber filter systems
  • Manifold with 2 or 4 spouts
  • Possibility to customize manifold with diverse spouts
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