Electro'liv Electric Olive Harvester - 48V Battery Version

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Electroliv Olive Harvesters by INFACO - High Portability Battery Pack Version

The Electroliv Electromechanical Hand-Held Olive Harvester, features patented elliptical motion technology, stands out as a best-selling solution renowned for its harvesting efficiency and adaptability to all olive varieties. With minimal strain on both the operator and the machine, this innovative harvester ensures a comfortable and ergonomic experience. The extension poles, crafted from lightweight and durable carbon fibre, provide flexibility for harvesting low and tall trees with ease. Spare parts availability adds to the reliability of this harvester, allowing for seamless maintenance. Designed for compatibility with Electrocoup Pruning Tools by Infaco, the harvester ensures a versatile approach to olive cultivation. The balanced weight distribution and low vibration contribute to a stable and smooth operation, making it a preferred choice for olive growers seeking a high-performance, user-friendly harvesting solution.

A key factor in making Extra Virgin Olive Oil is getting your fruit from the tree to the processor in under 4 hours. The Electro'liv harvester enables you to do this by helping you to remove olives in a timely and cost-effective manner. Because no air compressor is required, pollutants and noise are minimised. You can comfortably operate the machine and talk to others nearby. Minimal maintenance is required (although cleaning of the parts is recommended) and there are no ongoing fuel costs.

With its variable speed control, the Electro'liv harvester can ensure not to damage the olive tree i.e. new growth and sprigs remain intact whilst the fruit is removed. An advantage of this machine is it can be used on young olive trees when the bark is still relatively soft through to maturity and also ensures that the tree is able to put its energy into the next production instead of stressing, as it repairs itself from harvesting damage.

PORTABLE- The lightweight harvester can be supplied with an ergonomic harness and rechargeable battery pack. Standard batteries provide up to 5 hours of work time. A 12v version is also available.

POWERFUL- The Electroliv olive harvester easily removes 100% of green and ripe olives thanks to the generous power of the tool. Also fitted with a balancing system to decrease vibrations to the user.

FLEXIBLE- The olive rake-head can be placed in 6 different working positions. Variable speed allows you to harvest from both young and established trees. Available with fixed 2.5m pole, or telescopic 1.5-2.6m pole. The batteries are also compatible with the Electrocoup Secateurs, and other infaco tools. (Different control box may be required)

Operating The Harvester

In practice, using the harvester is simple. The olives droop to the underside of the branch, the agitating fingers move down the branch (in a combing manner) directing the fruit in a downward action and therefore fall below onto a waiting net or catching frame.The head of the harvester and the unique elliptical movement of the tines covers the zones better to contact and vibrate many branches in a single rake for more efficiency. Also, if the machine is to get tangled in the branches, the machine automatically cuts the power to disentwine itself.

Powercoup PW3 Elliptical Movement Olive Harvester

The olive harvester heads make it possible to optimise olive harvesting times, dividing them by 3 compared to manual harvesting. The elliptical movement of the carbon fingers respects the plant in order to optimise following harvests and reduces the alternating phenomenon. Thanks to this movement, the olives fall less to the sides and are easier to pick up. 

- Lightweight and easy to handle 
- Silent
- Respect of the plant
- Tool compatibility 
V5000P3EF: Static Pole: 2.5m - Weight 3.5kg - Power 720 W - Speed 850 - 1250 RPM

V5000P3ET: Telescopic Pole: 1.5m - 2.6m - Weight 3.9kg - Power 720 W - Speed 850 - 1250 RPM

Limited Dispersal- the elliptical movement olive harvester makes it possible to control the falling and thereby make collection easier. Moreover, there are 10 different speed settings available. 

Tool Compatibility- the PW3 is the only multifunctional grip that is compatible with an electric olive harvester, saw, chainsaw and hedge trimmer heads.

Respect Of The Plant- the elliptical movement totally respects the plant and avoids branch snapping. 



Powercoup PW3 Alternating Movement Olive Harvesters

The latest tool to come out of the INFACO workshops, the V5000P3A olive harvester is a revolution for the olive-growing industry thanks to its modularity and its capacity to adapt to any situation.  Using its alternating movement, the V5000PSA olive harvester will be a valuable ally for difficult harvests thanks to its perfect output and comfort of use. 
  • Ergonomic
  • Robust
  • Tool Compatibility 

V5000P3AF: Static Pole: 2.5m - Weight 3.2kg - Power 960 W - Comb Beats 850 - 1040 / min 

V5000P3AT: Telescopic Pole: 1.5 - 2.6m - Weight 3.9kg - Power 960 W - Comb Beats 850 - 1040 / min 

Power- the alternating movement olive harvester is comfortable to use and highly effective for your harvesting, there are also 10 different speed settings available. 

Output- using the alternating movement olive harvester provides very high output.

MULTI Tool Compatibility- the PW3 is the only motorised unit that is compatible with the electric olive harvester, reciprocating saw, chainsaw and hedge trimmer heads. 


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