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Electrocoup Handpiece Only

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Electrocoup Handpiece Only The new F3010, meeting your needs with ever-greater efficiency.

Standard cutting head supplied. cutting capacity up to 40mm.

(Optional Cutting heads available not included in price: Light 35mm cut, Medium 45mm cut, Maxi 55mm cut)  

 modes of operation
Proportional mode / Pulse mode

Specially adapted solutions for high pruning work.

The F3010 can be fitted with a range of fixed and telescopic extension poles ranging from 1.20m to 3.5m, giving a cutting reach of up to 5m above ground.  The pruning shear is controlled by a micro switch housed in a sliding handle on the carbon fiber tube.
Pruning orange trees (2 Mb)
Pruning peach trees (1,1 Mb)
Pruning almond trees (2,5 Mb)
Pruning olive trees (1,8 Mb)

*** A control box for your existing battery pack may be required.  (Particularly if you are using a battery pack initially from Electroliv).