Electric Pruner |Electrocoup F3020 Infaco's Electric Pruner Shear - NEW WIRELESS MODEL

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Outperforming the F3015, the F3020 offers enhanced cutting speeds and elevated work comfort. It is also more lightweight, compact, and user-friendly compared to its predecessors.  

Packed with technological innovations, this pruning shear can now be seamlessly "connected" with the optional Bluetooth® box. This innovative system empowers users to gather invaluable data for even more effective pruning work. When combined with the new INFACO® application, this connectivity option allows for a multitude of adjustments directly from a smartphone, including blade opening management, blade crossing, and the new Soft mode speed configuration. Additionally, it provides advanced data analysis capabilities, allowing for a deeper understanding of the data collected during device usage. Experience a new era in pruning technology with the F3020.

Our kit includes 48V Battery, Vest & Charger.  You can also opt for a Medium Blade instead of Standard blade as an optional extra.
The ONLY electronic pruning tool in the World with an interchangeable cutting head and award-winning safety cutting system.

INFACO is proud to release the latest standard in professional electric pruning secateurs, the Electrocoup F3020.

The F3020 brings significant improvements in ergonomic and technical design means the unit is 12% lighter, 15% more compact and easier to handle than the previous generation. While looking similar, beneath the covers lie major advancements in technology that makes it 20% more powerful and 15% faster.

Built with a multitude of features, we have had to squeeze every feature into a new blog article
Interchangable - Which kit for which job?
Simply change the cutting head according to your requirements (kits are available and are not included in the standard unit):

F3020 Standard head is usually fitted, however, we can quote you with the medium head fitted as new.  The standard head has a cutting capacity up to 40mm whilst the medium head has a cutting capacity up to 45mm.
Other kits available are:  

Light Kit - Specially designed for use with wood of small diameter.  This kit offers better penetrations thanks to its small cutting head.  In addition, it offers the advantage of reducing the overall unit weight by 20g.  Use on wood up to 35mm.

Medium Kit - Increase the cutting capacity of your tool thanks to the medium kit designed for horticulture, forestry work and parkland.   Use on wood of up to 45mm.

Maxi Kit - Perfect for cutting back vines before top grafting operations.  It is also an essential tool for tree lopping and all pruning operations in Parkland.  This kit will give your F3020 unrivalled cutting capacity.  Use on wood up to 55mm.

  • Ergonomic design - easy to handle 
  • Compact - decrease in length by 10mm 
  • Lightweight 835g
  • High Cutting Capacity - 45mm Medium head 
  • Increased Speed  
  • Increased Power  
  • Lightweight Battery
  • Technological and connected
  • Upcoming Bluetooth capability with efficiency reporting
  • Wireless DSES included standard
  • New Shear Holder
Built with a multitude of features, we have had to squeeze every feature into a new blog article

Read more:  https://theolivecentre.com/blog/f3020-electric-electrocoup-pruning-secateur


Wireless DSES Enhanced Safety System Is Now Standard!  World-award winning Safety!

Introducing our innovative wireless safety system, the Standard Wireless DSES, which comprises a conductive trigger that establishes a connection between the user's body and the electronic system of the shears (INFACO patents).

The unique feature of this system is that when the cutting head comes into contact with the opposite hand, whether it's bare or wearing a glove, the pruning shear blade instantly opens, effectively preventing accidents.

The Wireless DSES system relies on direct skin contact; however, it's worth noting that individual levels of conductivity may vary. To ensure a high level of conductivity and maximize safety, we recommend the use of INFACO conductive gloves, as they enhance the signal and provide superior protection (for detailed guidelines, please consult the instructions for use).

Please take note: If you intend to use gloves for protection against cold weather, the system mandates the use of INFACO conductive gloves.

Using INFACO conductive gloves is strongly advisable for the following reasons:
  • Enhance the safety system's conductivity.
  • Ensure consistent reactivity across the entire hand surface.
  • Minimise unintended triggering, especially on wet wood or wood close to the ground.

To ensure the proper operation of the DSES system, we recommend washing the glove by hand at least once a week using clean, cold water without any detergent. Your safety is our priority.

Operating Modes

The standard operating mode offers a gradual blade movement at full speed, approximately 15% faster than the F3015, making it perfect for experienced users seeking maximum pruning efficiency. Meanwhile, the gentle/soft mode is specifically designed for novice users who are learning the ropes of pruning, providing a slightly reduced cutting speed with gradual blade movement.

Customisable Blade Opening

Choose between a half-aperture or select from 10 easily programmable blade opening positions to precisely accommodate your pruning requirements.

F3020 Battery Vest Versatile Carrying Solutions: 4 Positions 

The F3020 vest is expertly crafted to provide unparalleled comfort, boasting an ergonomic design for effortless usage. Thanks to the innovative straight cable system that cleverly traverses the vest to the shoulder (with an armband), it becomes virtually inconspicuous. Enjoy the lightweight feel of your F3020 pruning shear, enabling you to work without impediments throughout the day.

You can carry the battery in four different ways:
  1. Worn on a vest with straps.
  2. Attached to the belt (without the removable straps).
  3. Utilizing a trouser belt clip.
  4. Directly in your pocket, thanks to its compact size.

AIRFLOW Contact System

Our belt is meticulously engineered to enhance airflow, significantly reducing the effects of perspiration. The vest's minimal strap surface area further minimizes perspiration on your back.

New Arm Band

Experience the convenience of our new quick-fastening arm band, designed for ease of use.

INFACO Charger
As the worthy successor to the F3015 smart automatic charger, the all-new F3020 battery charger streamlines the connection process.

Gone are the days of removing the battery from the vest; for added convenience, the battery now charges through a direct cable connection to the charger, simplifying usage.

The F3020 lithium battery charger achieves a 90% charge in just one and a half hours. A full charge, including cell balancing, is accomplished within 2 hours.

Battery Winterisation Mode

Activate the "Long Life" winterisation mode to transition the battery into long-term storage status, optimizing its overall service life.

No need for recharging during the off-season. Simply press the overwintering button at the conclusion of the cutting season, operate the charger for a few hours, and store the tool in its case until the next season.

Lithium-Ion Battery

The all-new Lithium-Ion Cobalt L100B F3020 battery is exceptionally lightweight, tipping the scales at only 698 grams, a notable reduction from the previous 810 grams. Its voltage now stands at 36 volts, as compared to the 48 volts of the previous F3015 model. It's important to note that the F3020 pruning shears remain compatible with both 36 volts and 48 volts.

Featuring a streamlined design and reduced volume, this battery ensures a full day of pruning without the need for recharges. Thanks to its versatile carrying system, the F3020 battery can easily slip into a pocket or be securely attached to a belt, allowing it to be virtually forgotten during your pruning sessions.

Key Features of the LITHIUM 108Wh Battery:
  • Weight: 698g
  • Full-day complete autonomy for up to 8 hours*
  • Battery equipped with an integrated electronic storage cell protection and management system (BMS)
  • Utilizes high-capacity LITHIUM cells
  • Incorporates POWERTOOLS storage cell technology
  • Features "High Power" and "Long Life" smart cells
  • Backed by a pro-rated 5-year warranty
Experience the power and convenience of the F3020 Lithium-Ion Battery for extended, hassle-free pruning sessions.

Pruning Shear Holder
INFACO introduces its new pruning shear holder, a lightweight and discreet accessory with an ergonomic design. This innovative holder features a patented quick-lock/unlock system from INFACO.

While in use, it allows users to free both hands effortlessly with a single motion by securely storing the tool in its sheath (with the blade closed or in standby mode, or when switched off).

Convenient to wear, unobtrusive, user-friendly, and reliable, this holder can be easily affixed to a belt or the battery holder vest. The new F3020 pruning shear holder seamlessly integrates into your work gear and accommodates both the "standard" and "medium" head versions of the tool.

  • 12 months (3 years for the gear motor, the aluminum body is covered by a lifetime warranty).
  • Enjoy peace of mind with guaranteed protection spanning up to 3 full seasons, provided that the initial 2 set price services are performed.
  • The extended warranty covers all components of the F3020*, such as the motor, gear motor, electronics board, battery, and charger.

*Excluding parts subject to wear and tear.
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Charger 36V

You can now charge the battery installed on the vest (no need to remove).  The battery is charged using a cable that directly connects the charger to the battery.

The F3020 lithium battery charger makes it possible to get a 90% charge in one and a half hours. Full charge in just 2h which includes cell balancing.

Battery Winterisation Mode

“Long Life” wintering mode is used to switch the battery for the purpose of long-term storage and optimises service life.

Recharging is no longer required during the off-season. Just press the winterisation button at the end of the pruning season, operate the charger for a few hours and store the battery for your pruning gear in the case till next needed.

  • 12 months (3 years for the gear motor, the aluminum body has a lifetime guarantee)
  • Up to 3 full seasons are guaranteed if the first 2 set price services are completed.
  • The guarantee extension applies to all the F3020* parts, including the motor, gear motor, electronics board, battery and charger.
  • *Excluding wear parts.
"All arrived last friday thanks Amanda. The gear worked like a charm with the gloves and the good control box. I was very impressed with the pruner once i got used to it, and was amazed how much it could prune in a short time in the fruit block. We haven’t tried the big jaws or pole yet. The Olive Centre and Electrocoup do a great job.  I have neighbours showing a lot of interest in what is really the pruning gear of the 21st Century.  Thanks".  PS, QLD

Introducing the latest advancement in Electric Pruning Technology... the F3020

Introducing the F3020 Electrocoup Electric Pruner - 36V & 48V models


The F3020 Electrocoup 

INFACO is proud to present the latest, most technologically advanced electric shears on the market. 

The Electrocoup F3020 offers a technologically advanced secateur packed with a multitude of features.  

The F3020 Electrocoup weighs less and is more compact which offers improved efficiency and faster-cutting speed, making the new generation F3020 a total advancement in features. The separate battery and shear design ensures the handpiece has minimal weight maximizing ergonomics, reducing fatigue, and providing a streamlined efficient day of pruning. 


New & Improved Features

  • Ergonomic Design - Easy To Handle 
  • Compact - Decrease In Length By 10mm 
  • Lightweight
  • Increased Speed  
  • Increased Power  
  • Lightweight Battery
  • Technological and Connected
  • Upcoming Bluetooth Capability With Efficiency Reporting
  • Wireless DSES Included Standard
  • New Shear Holder


Video Overview - New & Improved F3020 & PW3

  • 0:33 Safety System DSES
  • 0:59 Adjustable Blade Opening
  • 1:40 Deactivatable DSES
  • 1:44 New Setting Button
  • 1:51 New Soft Mode
  • 2:00 Extreme Blade Control
  • 2:18 Medium Blade
  • 2:51 Maxi Blade for High Cutting Capacity
  • 3:13 Extension Pole for F3020 Electrocoup (optional)
  • 3:32 Bluetooth Wireless Control
  • 3:58 Battery Charging
  • 4:10 PW3 Powercoup Range
  • 4:13 Chainsaw Head
  • 4:26 Reciprocating Saw Head
  • 5:03 Desuckering Head
  • 5:09 Hedge Trimmer Head
  • 5:15 Sweeper Head
  • 5:19 Weeder Head
  • 5:24 Rotary Weeder Head
  • 5:27 Hoeing Machine Head
  • 5:37 Olive Alternating Harvesting Head


Improved Design

  • The new Electrocoup F3020 weighs only 708g, which is around 100g less than the F3015. 
  • The length of the unit has decreased by 10mm.
  • There is a significant increase in power and speed by 20% & 15% respectively.   

Technologically Advanced

The Electrocoup F3020 pruners are now fitted with some of the most hi-tech and powerful microcontrollers in the market that are used in mobile phones and computer technology.  This technology results in improved user function and innovation enabling more data to be compiled and analyzed by the pruning shear to improve the F3020 performance.

Operating Modes

Standard Mode

Progressive Blade Advance at Full Speed (+15% vs F3015) 

 The Standard mode is for experienced users and for those who are willing to take full advantage of the tool's increased cutting speed capabilities. 


NEW Soft Mode

Progressive Blade Advance is at a slightly reduced speed

The Soft Mode is for users who prefer a slower cutting speed or beginners who are new to the trade.  Same speed as the previous model F3015.  (refer to the video to see soft mode in operation).

Electronic Blade Adjustment

Half Aperture Setting

10 Easily programmable half aperture settings for ideal half open postion. 


Blade Overlap Setting

10 Easily programmable blade overlap positions for ideal blade crossing.

New Shear Holder (coming soon)

The new patented shear holder provides the cutting head protection and storage in just two actions.

Available for Standard and Medium heads.

** Fitted with Quick Lock-Unlock

Removable Accessory Holder

The removable accessory holder is included with your F3020 kit and allows you to store your smartphone within hands-reach.

A large zipped central pocket guarantees safe storage of sharpening stone, burnishing tools etc.

Cobalt L100B Li-Ion Battery

The Electrocoup F3020's new Cobalt L100B Lithium-ion battery weighs just 698 grams compared to 810 grams from the F3015. Its voltage is now 36 Volts as compared to the 48 Volts*** on the old F3015 model.  However, the 48v battery from previous units is compatible with the new F3020.  We can offer an optional 48v battery if you would like to make your previous units cross-compatible.

Its sleek design and small footprint will give you a day of pruning without recharging. With its versatile carrying system, the F3020 battery can be easily slipped into the user's pocket or clipped to a belt,  giving the user an effortless pruning experience. 

Battery Specifications

  • Lithium 107 Wh Battery 
  • Weight 698g 
  • Full-Day Complete Autonomy
  • Battery with Built-in Electronic Management System (BMS) and Cell Protection
  • High Capacity Lithium Cells
  • "High Power" type and "Long Life" Intelligent Cells
  • 5 Year Warranty on a Pro-Rata basis

Battery Comparison

36V Cobalt Battery

  • Battery Weight:  698g
  • Weight Of Cable: 122g
  • Right Hand/Left Hand Adaptable: Yes
  • Battery Average Autonomy: Up To 8 hours Depending On Use
  • Complete Charging Time: 2 hours
  • Battery Average Voltage: 36V
  • Charger Feed Voltage: 230V, 50Hz
  • Sleep Mode Function: Yes
  • Powercoup Range Battery Compatible: No

48V Lithium Cobalt Battery

  • Battery Weight:   810g
  • Weight Of Cable:  150g
  • Right Hand/Left Hand Adaptable:  Yes
  • Battery Average Autonomy:  up to 9 hours depending on use
  • Complete Charging Time:  1.5 hours
  • Battery Average Voltage:  48V
  • Charger Feed Voltage: 230v, 50Hz
  • Sleep Mode Function: Yes
  • Powercoup Range Battery Compatible: Yes

***NEED 48V:  The Olive Centre can provide a 48v Battery as standard instead of the 36v battery if purchasing a new set.  If you have other Infaco tools we can offer the 48v to ensure there is no disruption with your other tools.  This ensures seamless changeover to the new generation F3020

Battery Positioning

Battery used with Shoulder Straps and Waist Belt

Battery Used with Waistbelt Only

Battery Clipped on to Trousers

F3020 Automatic Smart Charger 36V

How long does it take to charge the battery?

The new F3020 Chargers are designed to charge the battery up in 2hrs. Similar to its predecessor, the new charger enables the battery to be charged up to 90% in 1.5Hrs and full charge is achieved in 2Hrs.  

Can the battery remain on the vest while charging?

The new connector plug allows for the battery to charged up while on the vest making it more practical and easier to use.   

How does the Battery Sleep Mode work?

The "Sleep Function" on the charger helps the battery fall in to an extended storage state thus optimizing its storage life. Recharging the battery is no longer required during the off-season. Just press the sleep button once after the pruning season and it does its thing for the next few hours. Once the sleep process is complete, the battery can be stored in its case in a cool, dry place until the following season. 

Wireless DSES Is Now A Standard Feature

Infaco, the manufacturers of the Electrocoups, have always prioritized user safety over the years. A true pioneer in technology, the company has continually invested time and resources in order to ensure an innovative and safe experience for its users operating the Electrocoups.  Today, the all-new Electrocoup F3020 come fitted with the wireless DSES system and is a standard feature on all units.

The Wireless DSES system comprises of a conductive metal trigger enabling a connection between the users body and the pruner's patented electronic system. While operating, if and when the cutting head touches any part of the opposite hand, the pruning shear blade opens instantly thereby preventing accidents.

The Wireless DSES system operates in direct contact with the skin. However, each individual has their own level of conductivity. In order achieve a continuous level of high conductivity and better protection, INFACO recommends the use of its special conductive gloves.

The Wireless DSES system may sometime trigger unintended opens on damp wood, sappy wood or when close to the ground. To prevent this from happening users now have the option of turning OFF & ON the DSES feature when required using the settings button.

Contrary to the wireless system, the wired DSES option requires the user to wear the conductive glove that is physically connected to the handpiece by a power supply cable.  The wired DSES system provides the user the same protection while reducing unintentional opening of the blade because of damp or sappy wood.

Optional Interchangeable Kits : 3 TOOLS IN 1

Similar to its most recent predecessors, Electrocoups remain the only shears in the world with 3 interchangeable heads with adjustable blade opening and DSES safety systems.  One of the tool's main assets is its versatility to use multiple cutting heads. With the options of the Standard Kit, Medium Kit or the Maxi Kit, users can easily swap the heads over in under 5 mins to meet the demands of the cutting application.  Kits are optional and not part of the standard kit. Please ask for details.


Standard Kit

Ideal for pruning grapevines and orchard pruning.  This kit achieves the highest results for cutting rate and power.


Medium Kit

Designed especially for fruit growers, forestry, and landscaping. This kit offers a higher cutting capacity while maintaining speed for relevant applications.


Maxi Kit

Perfect for cutting back vines, shaping fruit trees, and tree lopping.  This kit with a single-piece blade-rack combo will give unrivaled cutting capacity.

Optional Extension Poles For F3020

Infaco's design engineers have completely revolutionized the pole system by creating an ergonomic and innovative solution.  There are 2 different kinds of pole options available with this new model. First option is the pole can be connected to the battery through a cord and the second option is the battery can be plugged in at the bottom of the pole.  Both options have the cord on the sliding handle eliminated and replaced by a more advanced wireless Bluetooth technology making it easy and convenient to use. 

Pole size options in the image to right.


Extension Pole with Wired Battery Connection

Extension Pole with Plug In Battery

*** Battery not included with Pole      


Optional Accessories

A48V3 Electric Sharpener

Regular blade sharpening reduces the cutting force exerted on the motor of the Electrocoup and also helps to reduce motor stress. Infaco recommends the use of the optional electric sharpener to help keep the blade profile sharp. Thanks to its 3-pin connector plug, the A48V3 electric sharpener is now compatible with the Electrocoup F3005, F3010, F3015, and F3020 batteries. It saves significant time on daily sharpening and maintains a good cutting profile on the blade.

Carbide Burnisher

The new tungsten carbide burnisher helps maintain a good cutting edge on the blade. A sharp blade guarantees a good clean cut and reduces the risk of spreading wood diseases. In addition to 2 recommended daily sharpening sessions with the stone, it is also advised to use the new Carbide Burnisher to maintain a sharp edge on the blade for a good clean cut.

Bluetooth Control Box In 2023

With latest innovations in wireless connectivity, the Electrocoup F3020 pruning shears can be connected to the newly designed INFACO mobile app (available exclusively on Android and iOS compatible smartphones) through the Bluetooth Control Box.  

The app provides a wide array of features that assists Electrocoup users in day to day operations:

  • Setting up pruning shears - Adjust blade opening, blade bypass, choose operation modes (STANDARD or SOFT) 
  • View user statistics - Use time, number of cuts 
  • Manage pruning progress of the block via geolocated use points through the smartphone   

The app also allows users (without the Bluetooth Control Box) 

  • View purchase history and guarantee status  
  • Access to service, troubleshooting, tips and video tutorials 
  • Option to take notes on the app that can be doubled as reminders 
Information on pruning progress can also be managed on the computer with more detailed features. 


What's In The Box As Standard

  1. F3020 Electrocoup Secateur
  2. 36V Battery Or 48V Battery
  3. Cable For Battery
  4. Charger (36 or 48V model) With Power Cord
  5. Battery Vest
  6. Secateur Sheath or Pouch
  7. Accessory Holder & Wristband
  8. Spare Blade
  9. Torque Tightening Tool
  10. Sharpening Stone
  11. Manual For Operation And Care
  12. Greasing Tool
  13. Spare Parts
  14. Glove (to fit the correct glove, please provide whether you need LH or RH and measurement from crease of your wrist to tip of your middle finger)
  15. Carry Storage Box For Whole Kit