Electric Pruner |Electrocoup F3015 Infaco's electric pruner shear - NEW WIRELESS MODEL

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The ONLY electronic pruning tool in the World with an interchangeable cutting head.

Electrocoup F3015 Secateur with Battery & charger is the 8th Generation model manufactured by INFACO in France.  The ELECTROCOUP F3015 electric pruning shears will once again set new bench marks in the industry.  A tool designed for pruning professionals, the F3015 has evolved from its predecessors to be a more reliable and high-quality tool, preferred by users throughout the world.
Interchangable - Which kit for which job?
Simply change the cutting head according to your requirements (kits are available and are not included in the standard unit):

F3015 Standard head is usually fitted, however we can quote you with the medium head fitted as new.

Other kits available are:  

Light Kit - Specially designed for use with wood of small diameter.  This kit offers better penetrations thanks to its small cutting head.  In addition, it offers the advantage of reducing the overall unit weight by 20g.  Use on wood up to 35mm.

Medium Kit - Increase the cutting capacity of your tool thanks to the medium kit designed for horticulture, forestry work and parkland.  In these applications this kit complements basic F3010 use.  Use on wood of up to 45mm.

Maxi Kit - Perfect for cutting back vines before top grafting operations.  It is also an essential tool for tree lopping and all pruning operations in Parkland.  This kit will give your F3010 unrivalled cutting capacity.  Use on wood up to 55mm.

F3015 head size and cutting capacity

The new F3015, meeting your needs with ever-greater efficiency.

Electronic advances which make all the difference.

New Light Indicators
  • Battery level display
  • On/Off
Flick the switch for speedy Electronic adjustment of half aperture and is fully adjustable.

2 modes of operation
Proportional mode / Pulse mode

Specially adapted solutions for high pruning work.


Users’ safety has always been a major priority for INFACO. To date, INFACO remains the only electric shears manufacturer to offer an electronic injury prevention system.  Special research and time is devoted each year, to the development of this patented system.  It can be used only with the ELECTROCOUP electronic shears.  

It consists of a special conductive safety glove, connected to a DSES (Extra Electronic Safety System) specific helix cable.  Wearing the glove connected to the DSES electronic system increases the user’s safety and thus reduces the risk of injury.
As soon as the cutting head and the conductive glove come in contact with each other, blade closing is immediately stopped and the blade returns to
the open position, thus reducing the risk of an accident.  Unlike reinforced or metal-chain gloves, the special DSES gloves is less cumbersome thus ensuring high dexterity and comfort and makes working easier.

DSES has been certified by CTC, an organization authorized by the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Health*.


"All arrived last friday thanks Amanda. The gear worked like a charm with the gloves and the good control box. I was very impressed with the pruner once i got used to it, and was amazed how much it could prune in a short time in the fruit block. We haven’t tried the big jaws or pole yet. The Olive Centre and Electrocoup do a great job.  I have neighbours showing a lot of interest in what is really the pruning gear of the 21st Century.  Thanks".  PS, QLD

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