Eco-Carb by Organic Crop Protectants

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EcoCarb is an ACO Registered Organic Fungicide. EcoCarb is based on activated potassium bicarbonate and a proprietary surfactant system that increases the distribution of bicarbonate ions over plant surfaces.

EcoCarb changes the pH on leaf surfaces to highly alkaline as well as creating a strong osmotic imbalance between microscopic organisms and the surrounding solution on the plant surface. This has the effect of severely disrupting spores and fungi cell walls.

EcoCarb is registered for the control of Powdery mildew in Grapes and Roses with further research progressing in Cucurbits, Tomatoes, Cutflowers, and Strawberries.

Unlike some fungicides EcoCarb is safe to the key beneficial insects found in Vineyards and Vegetable crops. Click on the photo below to go to the Centre for Environmental Stress & Adaptation Research which contains an excellent data base for developing spray programs for vines using products with minimal effect on beneficial insects.