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Easi-Tie tree tie




  • Re-usable and adjustable
  • Fully UV stabilised, synthetic rubber
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia
  • Reduces the risk of trees being torn from the stake in strong winds
  • Soft and 'stretchy', Allowing for trunk expansion

Suitable for older/taller trees.

Although the staking of young trees is very important, the chafing of the tree trunk by the top of the stake can be a serious problem. This can be overcome by securing the tree to the top of the stake with a soft rubber tree tie using a 'figure 8' method as shown in the picture.

How to use:
Simply place around the tree and stake, push the end of the tie through the slot, then tighten accordingly.
As the tree grows the ties can be adjusted at your discretion.

3 Sizes available:
Large tie - 310mm long, 4mm in diameter, 12/pack.
Medium tie - 170mm long, 4mm in diameter, 25/pack.
Small tie - 120mm long, 2.5mm diameter, 50/pack - recommended for trellising

Delivery charges apply.

adjustable tree tie figure 8 method

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