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EXHost Tunnel

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Exhost Tunnel for in package Pasteurisation which extends the expiry date of products. 

Safeguard your products!

There are different types of spraying according to packaging i.e.:

  • Evaporation collectors by doing this the evaporation is reduced.
  • You can also fit a Salamura water tank which can be filled automatically.
The speed of the machine can be controlled which gives the operator a controlled environment over packaging time of the product.  This in turn increases the efficiency of this unit.

All components are manufactured from AISI 316 stainless steel.

Please contact our office with your requirements?

Cans for Pasteurisation

Cans being Pasteurised with the Ex Host Tunnel

Outer view of Ex Host Tunnel used for Pasteurisation

Outer view of the Ex Host Tunnel.