ENVY - Frost & Heat Protectant for Plants

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Envy is a frost protectorent and anti transpirant, which can substantially reduce moisture losses by up to 50%, eliminate sun & windburn damage as well as increase frost tolerance by an additional 4 Degrees. Envy will not impede plant growth or photosynthesis, is non-toxic, pH neutral and will biodegrade in sunlight.

The uses of Envy:

  • Frost Protection for most crops
  • Drought protection (reduces moisture loss by up to 50%
  • Sunburn protection for sensitive plants and fruit.
  • Transplanting young seedlings
  • Transporting trees and palms of all sizes
  • Reducing wind burn
  • Tissue culture deflasking and cutting propogation.
  • Extending the life of cut flowers.
  • Leaf glossing of indoor plants.
  • Reduction of scarring on fruit from wind and insects.
  • Delaying needle drop in christmas trees.
  • Reduction of heating and browning off of rolled turf.

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