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Cooling Tunnel GM910

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Cooling Tunnel provides homogeneous cooling of packages after products have exited the Exhost Tunnel (completing the pasteurization process).  The cooling in the tunnel is graded i.e. in the first section is 35-45 degrees celcius, in the second section 25-30 degrees celcius and in the third section 15-20 degrees celcius. 

The cooling process occurs by showering the packages from the top by pumping the water from the 3 different tanks.  The water on the surface of the package is dried and cleaned by means of a cooling fan located on the exit of the tunnel.  A speed control has been fitted which enables adjustment of the product through the cooling tunnel.

This machine is manufactured from AISI 304 stainless steel.

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Cooling Tunnel
Cooling Tunnel

Drying Fan

Drying Fan