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Coir Seed Starters

Biodegradable Pellet Pack Size
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Coir Jiffy Seed Starters - Regular

Coir Jiffy seed starters are manufactured from Sustainable Coconut Fibre.  The Coir seed starters are better draining than the standard Jiffy Peat Pellets.   This means that that seed is lightly moist but not wet.  This is important for successful germination.

When the seed start to sprout look for some roots growing from the pellet or a 2nd set of leaves developing before planting. 

The Coir Pellets ensure that minimal transplanting stress is experienced by the plant also aiding a higher success rate for a home gardener.

Directions for use:

  1. Place a Coir Seed Starter in a propagation box or container.
  2. Pour over water
  3. Wait for the pellet to grow
  4. Once the pellet has expanded full size, place seed into the top of the seed starter.
  5. Pinch the fibrous material over the top of the seed.
  6. Success... now give your seed water and time to germinate.  Please note that some seeds need the ideal temperature for germination and may need to be done at optimal times of the year or in a temperature controlled propagation box.