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Bird Scare Tape Holographic for Olives, Vines, Orchards & Gardens

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Those Pesky Birds!

Holographic Tape 25mm wide polymer film.  Designed to flap in the wind when cut to length and strung in the tree or amongst cropping trees.  Useful in Olive Groves, Grape Vines, back yards and other orchard applications.  Installed to your trees/vines will flap in the wind which creates a humming sound and reflects light.  Being a holographic tape changing light patterns and colours are distracting to birds.  Best installed when your crop is on the tree or nearer to harvest when the fruit is more palatable!

Other uses are for boats, patios, gardens or structures where birds can become problematic.

Works in very slight breezes.

  • Bird Scare Tape, 150m roll, Holographic Silver.
  • Comes on a roll.  Cut to desired length to install in your tree.
  • Bird Scare tape flaps in the wind and reflects light thus deterring birds.

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