Benchmate Plus Manual Labelling Machine

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Label different sizes of containers without changing set up.
Easily label light plastic bottles that normally would cause problems.
Clear labels on clear label stock are easy to use with no set up requirements.
The speed is faster then most electric models from competitor brands

The manually operated label applicator that ensures an enhanced presentation of your product, relieves the tediousness of hand applying self adhesive labels and enables economical use of production time. 

Robust and portable, the Benchmate label applicator will apply both die cut and but cut, roll format self adhesive/ pressure sensitive labels to a wide range of cylindrical products. 

 This popular label applicator can apply a single label or front and back labels positioned as you require.

The Benchmates versatility makes it suitable for the packaging industry, small wineries, cottage industries, primary producers, food, cosmetics manufacturers and pharmaceutical industries, in fact anywhere that labels need to be applied. 

Construction of durable stainless steel and anodised aluminium, the Benchmate manually operated label applicator is quick to set up,simple to use and results in ease of operation. 

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