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Belt Elevator Mod B/EN400

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Belt Elevator (Mod.B/EN 400) with Anti-acid rubber, with closed ring fish-spine, complete with: Stainless steel loading hopper (1200 x 1200), 1.5kW electric motor, Support stand, Carbon Steel Structural Frame, SS Leaf remover 2.2kW 2800 rpm motor.

8 Tips to enhance the longevity of your Belt Elevator

8 Tips to Enhance The Longevity of Your Belt Elevator

Here are 8 tips that I can advise to ensure longevity of your belts (belt elevators)-:

  • Ensure belt tension is sufficient for drive – but not over tensioned. 
  • Regularly check belt tracking and adjust accordingly.
  • Regularly check bearings and shafts for wear
  • Regularly check rollers for build up and clear of all debris
  • Regularly check underside of belt for build up of debris and clean accordingly
  • Regularly check overall condition of belt for wear and tear
  • Belt failures are generally caused by mechanical damage ie. Bearing failure resulting in tracking issues (possibly from over tensioning). 
  • Second common cause is operator damage ie. Un-qualified belt adjustment or abuse.

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