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Nally Bin 780L Vented Pallet - Heavy Duty

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The Original Nally Mega Bin.  Heavy Duty, Australian manufactured Industry Standard Item.

These large pallet bins are the most effective way of moving large amounts of fruit. The fully vented bins allow fruit to breathe thus slowing down the rate of deterioration. The downward facing surfaces of the vents repel dirt. The usable volume is 780L and stores approximately 390 kgs of olive fruit.

Rounded corners and smoother interior surfaces results in less bruising and damage to your fruit. Multiple vents in sides and base provide superior airflow so products cool faster thus reducing oxidative stress. Unique design with rounded entry has a larger forklift entry height.  The positive interlocking foot design permits fast and safe stacking.


  • Vented 780L Nally Megabin.  Stackable.  Empty weight - 44kgs
  • External Dimensions: 1165mm (L) x 1165mm (W) x 780mm (H)
  • Usable volume: 780 Litres
  • Maximum weight: 800kgs (the bins hold around 390kgs of olive fruit).
  • Manufacturer 10 year warranty on outdoor weathering.  UV Stabilised.
  • Food Grade Approved.
  • OPTIONS (not included in above price):  Tipping Bars, Solid bins, Bin cover or lid (as shown in picture).
*** Delivery not included

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