Nally Mega Bin 780L Vented Pallet - Heavy Duty

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The Original Nally Mega Bin.  Heavy Duty, Australian Manufactured Industry Standard Item.

These large pallet bins are the most effective way of moving large amounts of fruit. The fully vented bins allow fruit to breathe thus slowing down the rate of deterioration. The downward-facing surfaces of the vents repel dirt. The usable volume is 780L and stores approximately 390 kg of olive fruit.

Rounded corners and smoother interior surfaces result in less bruising and damage to your fruit. Multiple vents in the sides and base provide superior airflow so products cool faster thus reducing oxidative stress. Unique design with a rounded entry has a larger forklift entry height.  The positive interlocking foot design permits fast and safe stacking.

Vented 780L Nally Megabin.  Stackable.  Empty weight - 44kgs
  • External Dimensions: 1165mm (L) x 1165mm (W) x 780mm (H)
  • Usable volume: 780 Litres
  • Maximum weight: 800kgs (the bins hold around 390kgs of olive fruit).
  • Manufacturer 10 year warranty on outdoor weathering.  UV Stabilised.
  • Food Grade Approved.
  • OPTIONS (not included in above price):  Tipping Bars, Solid bins, Bin cover or lid (as shown in picture).
  • *** Delivery not included
Nally Plastics stands as a premier manufacturer of diverse plastic storage containers, recognised as Australia's top-selling collection of plastic bins. These premium plastic crates, renowned for their high quality, find utility across diverse industries for storing and transporting goods between locations. Unlike conventional one-way packaging, Nally Plastics' tubs, bins, and crates are reusable, providing sustained application over multiple uses. The Nally Mega bins, weighing up to 40% less than their wooden counterparts and impervious to moisture absorption, contribute to a consistent weight profile, resulting in 4-5% enhanced freight efficiencies.

The practical implication of this weight advantage is evident in the ability to transport 2-3 additional bins of produce per semi-trailer load. The Olive Centre offers a comprehensive selection of Nally products, featuring two plastic mega bins which can be provided with a lid if needed. The Nally Mega bin, is the Australian original and specifically designed for the movement of olives, fruits and vegetables, excelling in both retail and high-performance scenarios, making it the preferred choice for plastic produce handling in Australia.

Our Nally Materials Handling Crates and Storage solutions are tailored for optimising your product transitions, emphasising efficiency in both location and personnel management with safety as a top priority. Nally products are designed with materials handling and supply chain cost-effectiveness in mind, leveraging multi-trip systems to reduce driving costs. The environmental product range, including Nally Mega Bins, not only provides savings to customers but also aligns with packaging covenant obligations.

The Olive Centre is commitment to user choice is reflected in the range of Nally products crafted from recycled materials, adhering to the high design standards of the Nally line. The Mega bins emerge as an environmentally friendly alternative for storage, showcasing recyclability as a key feature.

Nally Plastic Mega Bins
The Nally Plastic Mega Bin, originally tailored for the fruit and vegetable industry, has evolved into a versatile storage and handling solution applicable across various sectors. Compatible with most bin handling machinery and pallet jacks, these plastic pallet crates feature rounded forklift entry points and interlocking feet, allowing safe stacking up to 10 high. Manufactured from food-grade HDPE, these bins resist moisture absorption and bacteria growth, making them ideal for contact with food.

Solid Mega Bin (780 litre): Featuring rounded corners and smooth interior surfaces, this bin minimizes bruising and damage to stored produce. Suitable for standard pallet racking or workplace shelving.

Vented Mega Bin (780 litre): Designed for compatibility with most bin handling equipment, these bins include unique moulded label holders and exterior pads to reduce scratches. The positive, interlocking foot design enables rapid and secure stacking.

Mega Bin Lid: This plastic lid, tailored for vented and solid mega bins, ensures safe storage and protection of goods. It is crucial to select the appropriate lid to safeguard items during storage or transfer.

Applications for Nally Bins
Nally bins have extensive applications in various production environments, including the transportation of farm produce, medicine, chemicals, clothing, and other materials. They serve as warehouse plastic crates, storeroom containers, hospital bins, laboratory containers, school bins, automotive bins, and household containers, and fulfill general warehouse and factory needs. Specifically designed for food product storage, these bins withstand washing, high-pressure cleaning, and freezing conditions, making them a reliable choice for ensuring the safety of stored food products compared to single-use containers unsuitable for industrial long-term food storage.

  • Vented 780L Nally Megabin.  Stackable.  Empty weight - 44kgs
  • External Dimensions: 1165mm (L) x 1165mm (W) x 780mm (H)
  • Usable volume: 780 Litres
  • Maximum weight: 800kgs (the bins hold around 390kgs of olive fruit).
  • Manufacturer 10 year warranty on outdoor weathering.  UV Stabilised.
  • Food Grade Approved.
OPTIONS (not included in above price):  Tipping Bars, Solid bins, Bin cover or lid (as shown in picture).
*** Delivery not included