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50L Stainless Steel Olive Oil Storage Tank

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50L Stainless Steel Olive Oil Storage Tank - Screw Top Lid & Tap

Stainless steel olive oil containers are perfect for your kitchen, tasting room or restaurant. They are convenient and hygienic, perfect for transportation of small amounts of oil. Suitable for a wide range of product storage including olive oil, water, milk, honey (with honeygate tap), spirits, cosmetic products and other oils. 

These small containers with a tap and stable base are also known as ‘fusti’. Store small amounts of oil away from light. Air is also fully excluded when you fill the containers. Also you can easily decant small amounts for bottling or immediate use.

Perfect for transportation of small amounts of oil - Convenient and Hygienic

Features: Quality Stainless Steel - Screw Top Lid - Turn Pourer Tap

Delivery included within Australia.

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How do you apply a DOP pouring closure to an Olive Oil Bottle?


What is a DOP Closure? 

What is a DOP Closure and how do you apply it to an Olive Oil glass bottle?  Once the olive oil has been filled into the bottle you can see the video on how to apply.

How to apply a DOP closure to an olive oil bottle

This video shows how a DOP closure can be applied to the olive oil bottle.  The non-refillable DOP snap closure once fitted is not removable.  The DOP is considered safe, hygienic and very easy to apply even without the need for machinery.  One pressure application can have the DOP applied to the bottle and is ready to remove the tamper-evident seal  and pour the olive oil directly from the bottle.

The non-refillable system is a new type that can be seen across Europe without the need for applying the thread to the bottle.