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EUR 50 Plate, 40x40 filter, without pump - 800kg per hour throughput

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EUR 50 Plate, 40x40 Filter unit, designed for olive oil filtration without the need for a pump. Manufactured to handle up to 800kg/hour, this equipment ensures efficient and high-capacity filtering. Weighing 390 kgs and measuring 175x60x112cm, it's a reliable solution for moisture filtering, guaranteeing top-notch results in olive oil processing.

The EUR plate filters are exclusively crafted and constructed by MORI TEM, with each welding meticulously executed by robot and rigorously tested through leak tests. Specifically designed for the clarification and sterilisation of white and red wines, sparkling wines, olive oils, low-alcohol liqueurs, and herbal products, the EUR 40×40 plate filters boast essential features.  Filtering can occur with different mediums available.

Standard fittings include DIN 50 removable valves, a horizontal sight glass on the outlet, and optional external input-output channels. These plate filters are equipped with inlet and outlet control valves, a visual display on outlets, air purge taps, and the ability to take samples of the filtered product. The standard plates on the filter are made of Moplen, while black talcoprene plates are available for those seeking to sterilise the filter.

Optional features encompass:
  • External input-output channels
  • JESM8 Norly impeller centrifugal pump
  • PH30 mono pump
  • GG.20-GG.30 rubber impeller, coaxial pump
50 Plate, 40x40 filter, without pump, manufacturer rated to 800kg/hour. Weight: 390 kgs. Dimensions: 175x60x112cm.
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