5,000Lt, Fixed Capacity, Conical Bottom Stainless Steel Tank

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5000Lt Fixed Capacity, Conical Bottom

Explore our versatile storage tanks featuring conical bottom on welded legs, ranging from 500 to 20,000 litre. Tanks can be customised with various options such as a level gauge, sample taps, manholes, and extra discharge valves. We offer custom made-to-order tanks upon request, ensuring that your specific requirements are met.

These high-quality tanks are manufactured for The Olive Centre. 

Tanks can feature:

  1. Full Stainless Steel construction
  2. Top manhole
  3. Front Door
  4. Level Gauge (Sight Level)
  5. Welded legs
  6. Conical Bottom
  7. Nitrogen Nipple
  8. Hygienic butterfly racking & discharge valves
  9. Quality assured tanks