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1,000L Fixed Capacity, Conical Bottom Stainless Steel Tank

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1,000Lt Fixed Capacity, Conical Bottom

These high quality tanks are manufactured for The Olive Centre. 

Tanks features:

  1. Full Stainless Steel construction
  2. Top manhole
  3. Front Door
  4. Level Gauge (Sight Level)
  5. Welded legs
  6. Conical Bottom
  7. Nitrogen Nipple
  8. Hygienic butterfly racking & discharge valves
  9. Quality assured tanks
Introducing our premium 1,000Lt Fixed Capacity tanks with a conical bottom, exclusively crafted for The Olive Centre. These exceptional tanks offer a host of features, including:

Constructed entirely from high-quality stainless steel
Equipped with a top manhole for easy access
Features a convenient front door for quick inspection
Includes a precise level gauge (Sight Level) for monitoring contents
Sturdy welded legs ensure stability and support
Boasts a conical bottom for efficient drainage
Comes with a nitrogen nipple for controlled atmosphere storage
Features hygienic butterfly racking and discharge valves for seamless operations
These tanks are backed by our quality assurance commitment

Elevate your storage and processing capabilities with our top-notch 1,000Lt tanks, designed to meet the highest standards of quality and performance