The Olive Centre partnered with Tenco who designs and produces machinery for automatic filling lines for bottling, capping and labeling for a large number of products. Tenco's expertise is part of Liguria’s well-known history in the olive oil industry. Machines are designed to preserve the taste of even the most delicate olive oil. Offering two kinds of machines to fill oil: the Enolmatic and Enolmaster vacuum fillers.  Enolmatic can be equipped with several kits to adapt the filling machine to your needs. Enolmaster has 2 or 4 dispensing spouts for a more professional filling line. Also, Tenco's range extends to vertical pneumatic dosing machines specifically designed to fill tin cans, oil filtering systems & different capping systems. The Olive Centre has partnered with Tenco to provide all you need for professional oil bottling at a reasonable price.