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The Olive Centre works with Silky Saws specialising in Japanese woodworking saws, handsaws, pole saws and folding saws crafted in Japan. Selling and marketing Silky Saws is a pleasure for the staff because of the quality and attention to detail that is a philosophy hallmark of the famous Silky Saws Japan. It is critically important for the survival of humanity that we maintain and preserve our trees, forests and greenery. Silky's intent is to be eco-friendly and to continue with a strong passion for excellence in the design and manufacture of saws that are superior and a pleasure to use everywhere in the world. Silky folding saws range in size from the 13cm Pocket Boy to the largest folding saw, the Katana Boy with a 65cm blade. Silky Saws, crafted with Japanese care and precision since 1919.