Polaris Automazioni

Olive Oil Producers are seeing an increasing need to distinguish their product from those of other producers.

The varying shape and style of bottles coupled with the care of packaging are strong points and have become a distinguishing benchmark in being mindful that the modern producer has a need to diversify the packaging types.  Automatic bottling lines usually require many adaptions to be able to deal with multitudes of packaging demands for producers to have flexibility built into one machine.

The Polaris Bottling line range varies in speeds of 500 to 2,500 bottles per hour and meets all the requirements for bottling oils, spirits & vinegars.

Low-production machinery can be operated by one person whilst the higher output lines can be equipped for fully autonomous operation.

Polaris Automazioni is manufactured in Italy and focusses on the principles of quality, flexibility, and growth in first place with its production systems. 

An internal choice was made at the company to be able to pursue these production system principles. It is for this reason that every Polaris Automazioni machine or solution is created in our mechanical technical department with 3D software design support, as well as integration with the electrical technical department where the control panels which our programmers will bring to life are created. 

Polaris Automazioni also manufactures internally all metal framework components, whether these are composed of profiles, tubular sections or laser-cut sheet-metal parts. The subtractive removal machining processes are also performed within Polaris Automazioni’s premises, using traditional machine tools or CNC.

Automatic Bottling Lines

This is where a multi-purpose line comes into play... NO star wheels, NO feeders, NO worm screws... in other words specific accessories for each type of bottle or can needs to be changed and usually comes with extra costs to equip the machine.

The lines manufactured by Polaris use a special patented conveying system that through simple and quick adjustments ensure maximum bottle size and shape flexibility, without the need to replace machine parts.

This means exceptional bottle flexibility and super quick changeovers, resulting in lower costs for this process and higher profits.

Polaris machinery is a specialist in SPIRITS, OIL & VINEGAR.